500 Error in DSP Applications

If you update your LSF core technology, and subsequently find that your SSO applications (such as LBI or MSCM) produce a 500 service error, you probably need to update your DSP install on the host server for the SSO application.  Please see our article archive for instructions on how to update and reconfigure DSP.

If you get a “NoClassFoundError”, you may need to add a new class path to your JVM properties in WebSphere.  Figure out which class is missing and add the path to the JVM properties, then restart your application server and check to see if the issue is resolved.

Update DSP for LBI

If you have installed a new DSP for your LBI server, it is very simple to point LBI to the new DSP install.

First, update the sysconfig.xml file located at <LBI Install Directory>/FrameworkServices/conf.  Look for the old DSP name and update it with the new name.  Then, be sure to change the class paths in WebSphere > Your Application Server > Java and Process Management > Process Definition > Java Virtual Machine.  Also, update the Custom Properties at the same location.

Restart the application server.